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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
In which language is service and support offered?

Pending to different and individual service level agreements, Front Desk support and service is available in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian.

Back Desk support and technical solutions are available in English and German.

Which data and operation security is guaranteed?

M3Lighthouse systems and processing generally support the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation in it’s application for different markets.

Systems and data protection are up-to-date and PCI certified. A redundant high performing server structure and system availability over 99% is quaranteed.

Additional data encryption is realized upon customer needs.

Which languages and currencies are supported?

In our basic setup, M3Lighthouse offers 7 languages and 4 currencies. Both can be expanded on individual requirements.

How deep are the abilities of M3Lighthouse?

M3Lighthouse sees itself as a long-term partner for high performing companies that target international approach and success within a Wholesale sector or Sales channel. Besides web based solutions, our international team and we would be happy to pursue services like managing analytics, guidance, marketing and customer service with and for you.

Which contract and price options are available?

Customer side implementation and SaaS solutions are more different in the price level, rather than different in values, functions and processes to go trough.

Individual consultation, design, customization, implementation and services are calculated based on efforts and lead to a project budget that is set by customer’s requirements.

Licenses and operation costs are split up between the initialization phase and the operation phase and are also calculated based on efforts, requirements and volumes.

M3Lighthouse projects start from 50 thousand Euro for simple multi-language wholesale shops, up to higher 6 digit budgets for international multi-supplier platforms.

Are we limited on SaaS Services?

Based on our improved, high quality an performing SaaS platform technology for wholesale shops or supplier platforms, we are able to offer great benefit with low costs and a fast and safe project implementation.

The platforms and wholesale shops can be implemented and developed based on customer needs within our SaaS Framework. ,Alternatively all options are available for single developments, own databases, applications and hosting. Even in these individual project cases synergies and the economies of scale in platform technologies and experiences will pay off quickly.

Which are the industries M3Lighthouse is aiming to serve?

The requirements in an international digital wholesale business (BtoB) of standardized products, is quite different from the buying behavior in consumer-driven eCommerce.

Offering real international transaction management, as well as multi-supplier platforms for groups of companies, the needs and complexity is exponentially higher.

For your standardized product assortment and your international expansion strategy and organization, we feel highly motivated and qualified to offer unique solutions plus the “know how” needed for a longterm successful partnership. Digitalization of Customer Relations and Transaction Processing concerns many fields within the company, the market strategy and customer interface and interaction.

What is the philosophy of M3Lighouse?

Even though our solutions are based on standardized modules and the best tools available, to optimize cost and benefit, we see the needs of individual customization and needs to the industry standards as well as the customer company requirements, in order to achieve the most successful digital wholesale shop solution for national and international business.

Our services and solutions are individualized and target the timeframe and investment for your project, however; all demands can be met.

M3Lighthouse sets benchmarks for innovative and highly competitive solutions, which rely on a flexible network of specialists in-house as well as from the market, to meet the unique needs of customers with best expertise and capacities.

What makes M3Lighthouse unique in comparison to competitors?

M3lighthouse and its team have years of experience in being innovators, pioneers and entrepreneurs in the wholesale business. Besides offering unique platform technology, we also offer our experience and knowledge of the critical success factors in online distribution and international business.

For a limited amount of projects, if requested, we feel happy to support in analysis, strategy, customization, implementation, operations and future development on a long-term basis, to maximize success in business development.

Any other questions or interests? 
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